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HPE ArcSight Quick Flex

HPE ArcSight Quick Flex is now available! Product Announcement: Quick Flex 1.0.135 Build is now available for download from the HPE support web site athttps://softwaresupport.hpe.com/. Please read the Quick Flex Release Notes 1.0.135 for additional information athttps://www.protect724.hpe.com/community/arcsight/productdocs/connectors Overview Quick Flex Parser Tool helps you create a parser file quickly and efficiently. You can use the tool to create […]

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Domino’s Pizza hacked, customer database held to ransom

Hacker group, Rex Mundi, who claim to have cracked a Domino’s Pizza database say they have stolen the details of more than 650,000 dough-loving customers. It says the data will be released later today if the ransom is not paid…. Source: Domino’s Pizza hacked, customer database held to ransom – Naked Security

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in 2016 – 1.6 billion records leaked

Itgovernance.co.uk have released their now annual list of Data Security Breaches for 2016 and it totals (at least) 2,154,135,541 leaked records 2.4 billion records leaked

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CrowdStrike guards against Russian email hackers

Excellent write up by http://www.esquire.com/ on the charismatic Dmitri Alperovitch and his CrowdStrike business. A CrowdStrike security expert had sent the DNC a proprietary software package, called Falcon, that monitors the networks of its clients in real time. Falcon “lit up,” the email said, within ten seconds of being installed at the DNC: Russia was in the […]

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DET – Data Exfiltration Toolkit – Darknet

DET is a proof of concept Data Exfiltration Toolkit using either single or multiple channel(s) at the same time. It’s written with Python and Extensible. Source: DET – Data Exfiltration Toolkit – Darknet

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Privilege Escalation on Linux with Live examples – InfoSec Resources

Introduction One of the most important phase during penetration testing or vulnerability assessment is Privilege Escalation. During that step, hackers and security researchers attempt to find out a way (exploit, bug, misconfiguration) to escalate between the system accounts. Of course, vertical privilege escalation is the ultimate goal. For many security researchers, this is a fascinating […]

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Our team have decades of experience in Cyber Security Operations. Our Consultants have significant Public Sector, Commercial and / or military expertise. We have been engaged in diverse projects such as Penetration Testing, Auditing, Security Operations and management, SOC Design and build and other Information and Cyber Security projects. Our Consultants all hold current UK Government Clearance.

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